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Red Team Radio

Unveiling the Unseen Red Team Chronicles


Latest Episode

Join host Drew Porter in this insightful episode of Red Team Radio as he sits down with Jason Tharp, the Senior Manager of Special Security Operations for HSI. as they dive deep into the pressing issues surrounding the US energy crisis.


Exploring the complexities of maintaining grid stability and the myriad challenges power companies face in keeping up with evolving security threats.

Tune in to hear firsthand from an industry seasoned expert!


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   The Show

Embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey into the heart of Red Teaming, Covert Entry, and Trade Craft. Brace yourself for the tales of masterminds who've infiltrated the impenetrable, outsmarted the most formidable networks, and sometimes even left an indelible mark on global geopolitics.


With bi-monthly releases, we offer you a glimpse into the world of red teaming and covert operations.


For those hungry for even more exclusive content, explore the possibilities by joining our Patreon community.


Red Team Radio Host

Host of Red Team Radio

Drew  Porter

Executive Producer & Host

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